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a site devoted to the TRS-80 and our book about being part of the personal computing revolution.

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We're David Welsh and Theresa Welsh

We have several decades of working with documents... software manuals, reference cards, white papers, newsletters, presentations, web pages and online help. We also share a background in computer programming and photography and are experienced in writing and editing book manuscripts.

Recently, we've been creating our own books and eBooks

Our Books

Detroit's Spectacular Ruin: The Packard Plant

By Theresa Welsh

Thousands of skilled workers once designed and built luxurious cars at a 40-acre site on Detroit's near East Side. The Packard Motor Car Company, founded in 1899, deisgned and built cars here until 1956. The buildings survived as rental space, but ultimately became Detroit's most notorious urban ruin. A favorite of graffiti artists, photographers, urban explorers and people wanting to be photographed there, the Packard plant is a modern ruin that echoes the great ruins of antiquity in its size and grandeur.

  AVAILABLE as an ebook for $6.95 from Amazon.com and Google Play.

A Guide to Post Industrial Detroit:
Unconventional Tours of an Urban Landscape

By Theresa Welsh

coverTheresa and David have recently been exploring the ruins of Detroit, a city they've lived in and worked in and learned to love... a city that has lost two-thirds of its population over the last 50 years. The Motor City has a rich legacy in the industrial past and an unknown future as a different post-industrial city. Can Detroit celebrate its past while finding its future? This ebook is a collection of unique "tours" of Detroit's fabulous ruins, abandoned neighborhoods and historical buildings; you can use this guide to visit in person or just follow along and enjoy the 200 photos that accompany the commentary.

Detroit's slide from a vibrant working city of nearly two million people to a bankrupt city full of abandoned buildings is one of today's most interesting and under-reported stories and a possible warning to other American cities. About this book, Theresa says:

    In the book, I share observations, stories and photos of my adventures as an urban explorer in a city where David and I were married (in 1967) and have known well over 45 years.

You will learn about Detroit's past and present, with plenty of information about neighborhoods, buildings and the changes in the landscape of the city over time. Come explore, from the Woodward corridor, to the East Side and the West Side. Photos (over 200 photos taken by Theresa and David Welsh) illustrate what post-industrial Detroit has become.

More information about A Guide to Post Industrial Detroit


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How BP Oiled the Gulf

a Kids'Book for Adults

by David Welsh & Amy Welsh

This was our first eBook. It's a collaboration between the writing of David Welsh and drawings by Amy Welsh, his daughter. It's a quick and funny read with a bite, chronicling the biggest oil spill in history as a child might understand it. All of the events it describes are true and all the characters are based on the real people...which is why they are so funny...if you have the right point of view.

There are fifty pages of text and cartoon style illustrations that we are betting will be worth your time and money. One thing is sure, there's nothing else like it.

Buy it from Amazon.com for only $3.99.

Priming the Pump:
How TRS-80 Enthusiasts Sparked the PC Revolution

by Theresa Welsh & David Welsh

          Now in its Second Printing

Finally, here is the true story of microcomputer pioneers. With the introduction of the TRS-80 in 1977, for the first time anyone could experiment with software. Individual programmers created and sold the software that anticipated today's popular applications. Through their own story and never-before published stories of other pioneers, the authors reveal the hidden history of personal computing.

Get more info here and buy the paperback version of the book for $22.95.

Get the Kindle eBook version at Amazon for $9.95 and at the Apple iTunes store $9.95. and Google Play.

 Tara: Initiate of Heliopolis

by Theresa Welsh

This book is about a young girl who goes back in time to Cleopatra's Egypt as an initiate in the holy temple at Heliopolis. The temple had become a dying institution fighting to preserve its secrets, as Egypt and much of its culture was about to be swallowed by the Romans. Tara finds romance and adventure as she seeks a way back home. Theresa created the cover and illustrations for it and did the layout and typesetting with PageMaker. More at the Tara Web Site

Buy it as a kindle eBook at amazon.com for $3.99.

The Missing Jewelry: A Story From Roman Pompeii

by Theresa Welsh

This is the story of a teenage girl who wants to perform, a young man who wants to impress the girl, a rich lady with a beautiful house, a disloyal servant, an unpleasant sea captain, a cat named Caesar and some very valuable antique Etruscan jewelry.

Now available for FREE. The Missing Jewelry is a short, fun read and includes pictures and information about Pompeii, the city buried under a volcano eruption in 79 AD.

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